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Meet the builder.. 

 Benjamin James Lower is the sole proprietor of

 BJL Built Carpentry Services in Jay, Maine. 


 Ben has been building things ever since he can remember. He has a long family history of skilled craftsmen in his blood. His Father James, a boat builder and master craftsman, builds,custom furniture over in Monmouth, Maine at (New England Joinery  and the American Windsor Chair Company )His Grandfather, Joseph, was a skilled tool & die maker. Going back even further...there is a well known gunsmith,

( J.P. Lower) in the family tree. So it is no wonder where his love of building and inherited skill comes from. 


 Dedication and commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials is evident in his work. The desire to treat each client fairly,honestly,and with integrity is a top priority.   

 Ben lives in North Jay, Maine, (near Bean's Corner) with his wife Melissa and five children on a 40 acre farm which they are bringing back to life as a working farm.

  The renovations are moving along, on the buildings and the land which now houses a growing herd of  Belted Galloway cattle, Registered British & American Guernsey goats, Finn sheep, many chickens both meat birds and laying hens. 

   As an active member on the Wilton volunteer Fire department, service to his community is also a very big part of daily life.


Reclaimed beams used in home renovation projects ad value and beauty to any home
Volunteer firefighter

Looking back....

BJL learning new skills early on!

Now this is the way to start!...picking up wood chips on one of Dad's skiff's he was building.

Growing up learning new skills

Watching and helping Dad caulk his lobster boat. Age 5-6

Fast forward...


 BJL Built heading up the DR.Shaw Memorial Library's new addition in 2017-2018. |  Real Estate showcase renovation in Gloucester, MA. |  Various historical preservation projects & numerous new construction builds.| Purchase of 29 Depot Street in Jay, Maine | Click on the links below to see more on each of these.

Dr. Shaw Menorial Lirary addition headed up by BJL Built of Jay, Maine
Kitchen and bath renovations ad value to your home
Historical preservations are a true passion
New Construction including additions, renovations, and outbuildings
1st floor shop  exterior walls, 1.JPG
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