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Dr. Shaw Memorial Library  Project

Mount Vernon, Maine

"Measure twice..Cut Once" is as true as it ever will be!

                                                              Benjamin Lower


BJL Built is heading up the new addition & renovations of the library with a thoughtful mindset. As we begin the planning and building  process, we want to take a steady approach to ensure that all the details are well thought out and executed. 

  While we certainly want to aim for a late Spring early Summer completion, we want to be sure there is enough time during the build to design as we go. As it often happens, some of the best design features come to light as the project progresses. 

   Our draftsman, Ande Dube of Mount Vernon, has provided us with blue prints and will continue to give us crucial information as well as his computer aided drafting techniques to aid us in the build.

   So..stay tuned as we "Measure Twice, Cut Once" to get this project underway, all the while paying  attention to the  details, and all those involved.

                                                                               See you at the Library!

                                                                               Benjamin ~ BJL Built


BJL Built
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