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BJL Built construction process

 Leading the way to a better building experience
Whole home renovations and additins add great value to your home
Trust BJL Built to do the job right...

Once you've hired BJL Built for your construction project, you can relax and realize that you can indeed TRUST your contractor. In Fact, we EXPECT our clients to trust us, after all....YOU hired us to do the job. We will do our part to maintain your trust by being honest, forthright, and dependable throughout the entire building process.

 BJL Built takes the time to Plan ahead..

Each project deserves ample time and preparation. The typical time needed from our initial meeting, to the permit set of drawings for a new addition or home renovation, usually requires a few months of planning and discussion. A new home, considerably more.

The last thing I want, are my clients to have to make rushed decisions on a project that will be there for years to come. If we plan out the details ahead of time, the construction process will be smooth and completed in a reasonable amount of time, with minimal surprises along the way.

Phone consultation

As the owner of BJL Built, Ben Lower knows that building a solid, working relationship with each client is an important first step in the construction process. When a client calls about a project they have in mind, Ben will take time over the phone, starting to get a sense and scope of what is needed. This begins the process. The next phase is to schedule a Preliminary site evaluation.

Preliminary site evaluation

During the preliminary site or home evaluation, is a learning process. This is where I will get to see your vision for the project and budget expectations. This is also the time to discuss and go over existing plans, as well as any involvement with architects or designers. Many times our clients have an idea for their new space, or renovations, but need help with design elements,budget guidelines, and available materials, to pull it all together. BJL Built understands the concerns of embarking on a construction project, and is committed to balancing the best available materials and building practices with your budget. 

Planning and budget

After the preliminary site evaluation, BJL Built will  begin developing the first stages of the project budget. This is not the final budget. This is the best estimate at this time of what the project may cost, based on your description of what you envision and similar projects we've completed. There is still more to learn, plan and calculate. This is the first step towards planning your project and determining whether your vision matches your budget, so decisions can be made to determine, if there needs to be any adjustments to either budget, or design. 

More preperation..
  • Reasearching permit requirements and time constraints for approval

  • Looking at site costs such as, waste management, determining whereabouts of existing utilities, wells, errosion control, access to site, etc. or the need for new. If the project is to go into the Winter months, allowences for snow removal will be considered. Any expense for this will be the home owners sole responsibility. 

  • ​​Estimatining how long your project may take to complete, at this point, this is not iron clad...this is an estimation based upon information gathered to this point. contingincies will be factored into the budget at this point as well.

  • This is the time to assemble BJL Built's group of dedicated sub-contractors, ie. electricians, plumbers, dry-wall, etc. for large scale projects.

  • Materials such as windows, doors, woods, fixtures, flooring, tiles, etc. will be chosen and agreed on by both the homeowner and BJL Built 



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